Posted by Graig Dillan


Freelance writing jobs can pay at different rates. But what happens when you want to earn more money? In other words, what do you need to do when you want to start earning higher income amounts for your efforts? A few freelancers run into this problem and feel they are unable to land clients willing to pay higher rates. This means you need to change your strategy and approach to higher paying writing jobs in order to get hired for them.

Get Tips and Advice from Fellow Freelance Writers


You will want to access different angles to your approach in getting higher paid writing jobs. In this case you can turn to colleagues and fellow writers that understand what you are going through. You may learn what you are doing wrong or what you are not doing in order to land the gigs you want. For others, you may learn about places to check out that offer writing projects for good pay. There are online writing communities, blogs and writing forums for freelance writers. Writers that understand your position can offer good advice and words of encouragement. At this point you may find such information encouraging, especially hearing it from writers that are making the money you want to make. Ask about what to say to potential clients and get tips on where to look for work based on interests. You may learn a few things on what you should and should not do that could blow your chances.

Brush Up Your Portfolio Samples and Query Letters


Your portfolio and query letters are what help sell your abilities to perspective clients. Your content may not give the impression you are capable of taking on more challenging assignments with higher pay rates. Depending on what you want to make you need to study the content you need to mimic. This can help you create good samples to use. You can also apply for related jobs to help you get experience that would make your portfolio look better.

Query letters are just as important. Some letters may follow a different format depending on the genre you are applying to. You may want to find sample query letters to study for comparison. You may need to reconsider the content you have and look where improvements can be made. Review how your content is structured and word usage. Have a fellow writer review your content and suggest changes. After taking time to make changes to your query letters make plans to start submitting them.

Understand Types of Writing Jobs Offering High Pay and Where to Find Them


There are certain areas of freelance writing that offer lucrative pay rates. For instance, medical writing, legal writing and technical writing jobs offer great pay and interesting content that is high demand. Finding related jobs depends on what you know about clients and where they post them. You can go to websites offering job postings to freelancers and telecommuters. Blogs and writing communities will have leads as well. You may want to reach out to companies and businesses known for hiring freelance writers and telecommuters.

Your interests will help you get ideas on how to improve your approach. Keep in mind it may take some time to get the results you want, but be patient and be willing to make changes. This is a good time to consider adapting and expanding your interests. Being versatile is important and it increases chances of earning more income. You can consider asking previous clients if they know other companies seeking writers and the line of work they offer.