How Do I Become A Freelance Writer: A Manual For Dummies

In today’s world, there are more opportunities available for a creative person to make their living off of their craft. There are thousands of clients and assignments that can be utilized when a future writer makes the decision to move in the direction of a “freelance writer.” There are several steps after realizing you have the ability to write for a living. These include:

  • Have Extensive Knowledge of Grammar and Spelling
  • Start a Blog
  • Send out writing samples to newspapers, magazine, or online forums
  • Sign up for job websites
  • Continue to Write

Have Extensive Knowledge of Grammar and Spelling

A freelance writer can never be well prepared without basic knowledge of grammar and spelling. This includes sentence structure, grammar, spelling, and proper usage of tenses. It is more than embarrassing to send out a writing sample with a grammatical error in it. Having these tools shows future employers professionalism.

Start a Blog

What should the topic be? Start off by thinking of what the blog should be there for: support, satire, news, gossip, or a craft. There are several websites that can be free at first and then have the option of a “premium” setting. When writing a blog, posts should be consistent and properly executed. This means proper grammar, spelling, and sentence structure should be a top priority. Advertising a blog is also a necessary step. Sharing a blog link on Facebook or twitter can help friends and family see a person’s writing and talent.

Send out Writing Samples

Although taxing and frustrating, sending out writing samples can be the quickest way to being connected to a client. Write at least five different topics with various styles. Collect a list of emails and contacts, and be prepared with a cover letter. Send out samples at least once per week, and do not be dismayed if a company is not interested.

Sign Up for Job Websites

There are free websites around the Internet that cater specifically to job searchers. By signing up and filling out a profile, a person is more likely to be exposed to jobs and gigs that would have be unseen.

Continue to Write

Often discouraged beginning freelancers push on with sending out samples and applying for jobs, but forget the most important aspect. Writing. When a future freelancer stops writing because of a lack of time, skills and connections can disappear. Never forget to write. Start a blog or a newspaper with some friends.

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