Tips On How To Find Good Freelance Writing Jobs Effortlessly

When you are going to start working as a freelance writer, you will have to be patient. No one starts earning big the first month they start in to this profession. It needs some experience and knowhow before you can even think of earning a fat paycheck. That said there is no limit to how much you can earn as a freelance writer. It all depends on how much you are willing to work and level of commitment you have. Here are few tips on how you can earn more in this profession.

How it works

Many people make the mistake of comparing freelancing with their day jobs. It is nothing similar to the day job. In the beginning you may be putting in more hours than a 10 to 5 job and still be making almost half the amount you used to make. But once you have done a few projects and got yourself some good clients who respect and pay for quality work, you can start earning a lot more than an average day job.

Helpful suggestions on finding good freelance jobs:

  • When you are starting out, you do not have any credentials. You will have to earn it. Start working at some of the portals where you can bid for contract based jobs. It is a good place to start off but not the right place to linger too long. Often the work requirements are poor and the pay is exceptionally less. Even then there is fierce completion and it is hard to get your bid through some times. Once you have completed a few projects on one of the portals, you should start looking beyond.
  • A good place to send your portfolio to will be the local newspaper house or media production unit. They usually send materials to various agencies and are looking for good stories and articles. Send in your samples and try to find out the kind of writing style they prefer. Be persistent in your efforts.
  • You can also start working for online blogs and websites. These are very popular and you can get good money from these websites. You can visit a blog and if you like it and if you are confident enough that you can do a better job, you should contact them with your samples and portfolio.
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