Searching For Freelance Jobs In Academic Writing

Academic writing is a highly specialized field of writing. You need to be very confident of your writing abilities before you apply for such jobs because there are certain rules and styles of writing that need to be followed based on the client’s preferences as well as established norms for the field of study for which you are writing your piece. This can include such styles of writing as APA, MLA, Chicago and Harvard. You need to be completely familiar with the writing style chosen before you begin because the rules are quite stringent and need to be followed precisely.

Once you are satisfied that you have chosen the correct niche in academics to write about and that you are completely familiar with the writing style required for that subject, you can start searching for jobs. This can be a difficult prospect given the technical nature of the writing involved. Do not fret though, as we have some great advice for you on how to find the perfect freelance jobs in academic writing:

  • Your university or school
  • If you are a recent graduate or a current student, you are in luck. Being in an academic setting means you are closer to academic writing jobs than everyone else. Researchers may be great at research but they may not necessarily be great writers. That is where you come in. Start by visiting the faculty members and introducing yourself. Do not pitch a job proposal in the first meeting but instead speak about academic matters and ask for advice. Talk about the particular teacher’s area of interest for research. This information can easily be found out through looking at the department website or just simply asking around. Make sure you thoroughly study the subject area before the meeting. Slowly build a rapport, show the prospective clients your great previous work, present yourself as an academic and soon you will find that offers for work will come your way.

  • Freelance Sites
  • Your second good option is to look for jobs in the academic writing sections of the many freelancing websites online. The process here is similar to the above. You need to build a reputation for being a thorough professional as well as being good at what you do. The way to do that is to have a great profile, a stellar portfolio and a great pitch. You also need to be open to working for a lower rate in the beginning in order to garner good reviews so you can charge higher rates later on.

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