Freelance Graphic Design: Searching For Good Jobs From Home

Graphic Design is a rapidly emerging field with wide appeal to those interested in the visual arts. Freelancing on a whole is attractive as a means of working from anywhere in the world without bosses or strictly enforced working hours. Put together these two concepts create the perfect job for many. If you are interested in the field of graphic design freelancing,here are some tips that can help you find the good jobs.

  • Make sure you have adequate skills
  • Many people claim to be graphic designers. Very few of them are talented. This is both good and bad. It’s good because if you have any skills and talent in the field you can quickly rise to the top. It’s bad because the many unskilled freelance graphic designers will work for almost no money and often produce work of such a low quality that they drive the better clients to agencies.

  • Pick an area of specialty
  • It’s all well and good to do everything in the field but you can often stand out more by becoming especially skilled in one area. This might be logo design or book covers depending on your skill set. It’s fine to offer other services but it helps to be known for something specific.

  • Compile an eye-catching portfolio
  • No one will belive you are any good without seeing evidence. The exception to that rule is when you are given a recommendation by a satisfied client who is trusted by your potential future client. Regardless, putting together a portfolio of your most outstanding work can get you noticed quickly.

  • Sign up to freelancing sites
  • Many freelance websites exist that make the process of finding clients much simpler. Sign up to the oes that appeal to you most and upload your portfolio. You may need to bid on a few lower paying jobs initially just to get started but once you make a name for yourself, the better jobs will open up to you.

  • Start your own website
  • Start a website that acts as your online portfolio so that clients who don’t use freelance sites can also access you.

  • Bonus: Look out for copy-cats
  • There are unscrupulous designers who will attempt to pass your work off as their own. Make sure your work contains watermarks or other features that make this harder.

By using these tips you can get started in your new freelance career in a matter of minutes.

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