Well-Paid Freelance Content Writer Jobs: Trustworthy Resources To Check

Its every writer's dream to be able to quit their "day job" and make a good living at doing what they love...writing. But this may seem impossible in this day and age when there is so many "writers" all competing for the same jobs. Unfortunately, this makes the market a "buyer's" paradise, where blogs, ezines and businesses can pay out a small wage to get what they are looking for. So how does a good writer find well-paid freelance work? Follow these tips to find that dream job that may actually pay your bills.

Online Job Boards

Unlike having a regular job, freelancers need to always be on the lookout for new opportunities. However, finding reliable sources that take the guess work out of searching can be a task all of its own. There are a number of good online job boards that specifically target the freelance writer. Most are free to use and the writer can even sign up for the job listings to be sent directly to their inbox on a daily basis or simply bookmark it and return to the list whenever the need arises. Some of these sites are better than others, so do your research to find which ones suit your individual needs.

Go Directly to the Source

Most freelancers have a "dream job" or publication they would love to work with. Even though all established businesses have their staff in place, some will take submissions from freelancers. To find out an editor's requirements, simply go to their web site under submission guidelines. Here you should find what the publication requires; how they want it formatted and whether they accept queries, proposals or full out articles. Follow these guidelines to the letter to ensure you won't become part of the recycle pile.

Ask Around

For the most part, freelancers are happy to share their good and bad experiences. Social media, writer's groups and chat boards are a good way to sniff out new opportunities and prospective employers; however, don't take one person's word for it, check out the source for yourself to be sure it is legit.

Before you begin any writing job, do your own research to be sure it is right for you. Be open minded to new challenges and be willing to negotiate a fair wage for both your experience and expertise. You are only worth what you feel you are worth, so don't sell yourself short and start living that dream of being a fulltime writer.

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