Applying for a job: signing a freelance writer's contract

Often signing a contract for freelance writing may be viewed apprehensively by writers who may feel that their work would get restricted to the terms of the contract with no scope of availing fresh opportunities and exercising the individual opinion as a reflection of their own ideas in work. Also, a criteria that a freelancer misses out on, while signing a contract is the flexibility in choosing their work as per your interests and the ability to devote your time on something you wish to develop through your contract based on your personal interest. Many freelancers find signing a contract as a creative block as they are restricted by the clauses mentioned in the contract and may be robbed of their freedom to breathe some fresh air to kindle their creativity in work.

Listed below are some of the benefits:

  1. Guarantee of payment:
  2. When a contract is signed between a client and the freelancer, one thing which can be rest assured is that any work done by you is guaranteed for payment by the employer and there can be no way they can break the legal agreement made in this regard. Therefore while most freelancers who work independently do not enjoy this facility, a contract freelancer has this advantage.

  3. Fixed milestones and deadlines:
  4. Often when there is no contract signed some clients keep making changes in their deadlines for submission of assignment in an erratic manner, but signing a contract will prevent them from doing so.

  5. Revisions and review:
  6. When a work given by a client is not incorporated into a contract, a freelancer is asked to make numerous revisions on their work which eats away majority of their time with lesser money going into their pocket. Signing a contract with the claim that only a certain number of revisions would be made by the freelancer and the rest will be paid would definitely come handy.

  7. Payment cycle:
  8. A legal contract can also be taken in favor of the freelancer wherein the freelancer sets his/ her own terms regarding the terms of payment and how frequently he wishes to get paid either on a weekly basis, fortnightly or monthly basis. This clause allows them to have their money flow as per their requirements.

  9. Cancellation of a project:
  10. When a project is cancelled, the freelancer who had worked hard on the project until the cancellation is not paid his/ her dues for the amount of time and effort they have wasted on the project. To have a contract clause that if the client cancels the project after allotment, then he would have to pay the freelancer for the efforts taken by him on the cancelled project would be of great help to the freelancer.

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