Freelance Writing Jobs- Vital Advice For Those Who Are Tired Of Getting Scammed By Fraudsters

Some writers believe that freelance writing is a scam because they have been worked over by a client or two. The client asked them to write them some papers. The freelance completed the job and then never heard anything from the client or got paid. They want to blame the freelance company, but it really wasn’t their fault.

Freelance companies simply connect the freelance writer to clients who need their services. They do not have any control over who the clients are that are asking for you to write for them. They don’t have any control over the freelance writers either. They can, however work as a middle man and help you resolve the issue. Most of the time these services come with a small fee usually to the client. The idea is to create a way for both sides to be protected from fraud.

Here is some vital advice that you can use to try and prevent yourself from being victimized again. The safeguards are usually in place. You just have to use them.

  1. Use a site that acts as a middle man. They can hold the funds from the client until the job is complete. There are some ways to verify that you will get paid. You can wait until the money has been put into an escrow account.
  2. Look into the client to see how many jobs they have paid for. If you have a client that doesn’t have a high conversion rate for completed jobs, then do not work for the client.
  3. Use a freelance site instead of doing things direct. There are more controls to protect you and your clients.
  4. Build good relationships with good clients so that you can do continuous work and then you won’t have to worry about wasting time looking and you know they won’t scam you.
  5. Do not complete any work outside of the site. You can’t get assistance with problems if you were contacting the client outside of the site.

The site that you go through should be able to provide you with some added security options. They will be able to find ways to ensure that you get the job done and that they pay you for it. They made a business out of connecting you with some clients and they want to protect that investment.

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