Who Can Help Me To Compose A Simple Freelance Writing Contract

When you are starting out as a freelance writer one of the most difficult milestones that you must complete is composing a writing contract. Composing the writing contract is imperative to your success as a freelance writer because without the contract the terms of your agreement will be unclear, leaving a lot of leeway for miscommunication between you and the client as well as a lot of disappointed results on both ends. The proper contract will establish successful due dates, milestones, as well as requirements for funding ahead of time and the signing of a nondisclosure agreement.

  1. A good freelance writing contract will simply state the description for the project, as well as the parties involved, primarily the composing freelance writer and the client. If there is nondisclosure agreements meant to be included in the terms, this might be something that you include in the simple agreement. Otherwise the agreement should clearly state the due date, what is expected from both parties, and how frequent communication should be. Some clients prefer that their freelance writers simply take the details of the assignment and head off. Others preferred that they communicate regularly so that the client knows what is going on at all times. Things like this should be covered before the project is started.

  2. Drafting a contract on your own is not as difficult as you may think, but it does bring with it a few risks. For example if you are using a third party payment service the most popular secure online transaction system today is quite finicky about their protection over freelance contracts. They work primarily with the exchange of goods sold online and not with the exchange of services. Even if you draft a contract for which you have evidence and a signature, if the client refuses to pay they will not support you in procuring the funding from the clients’ accounts. In order to avoid situations like this one of the things you can do is turn to a third-party freelance platform. A third-party freelance platform will not only help you by automatically drafting your contracts but it will also offer payment protection in support of the contracts that you have. You can sign up for free and have your clients used the third-party freelance service to submit your job terms for free and hire you. This takes a great deal of stress out of the process of creating a contract because it is automatically done for you. As a freelance writer one of your biggest concerns at all times should be protecting yourself and your work.

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