5 Tricks That Can Help You Get Great Freelance Jobs In Science Writing

Are you looking to start and sustain a career in science writing? This is something that a lot of students and aspiring freelance writers out there are looking at. There is a very big difference between other freelancers and science freelancers, especially when we consider the payment grade for most of these writers. Science writers are more or less technical writers, meaning that they are basically earning more than any of the other freelancers out there, perhaps apart from grant writers. If you want therefore to make a mark in this industry, to do something good about your skills and earn some money in the process, look no further than these 5 tips that will definitely help you get as much as you can from this.

Good research

The fact that you want to venture into science writing should already give you away in as far as your idea of writing is concerned. There is a lot that you can think about for this task, but always make sure that at all times, research is at the top of your list of skills.

Current events

It pays more if you can focus your work on things that are current, on issues that people can relate to. Unless expressly advised by your client, try to stay away from historical events, because people are more interested in the things that are happening in the world right now.

Be a problem solver

Irrespective of the kind of writing skills that you have, it is a good thing for you to try and focus as much of your work as possible on finding solutions to problems. Science is about solution finding and coming up with new ideas, so you need to make sure that you too can use the same concept for your work

Market your skills

There is not a single day when clients will come looking for you, unless of course you have proven in the past that you are a very good and diligent writer, for which reason they will come clamoring for your skills. Because of this reason, try and make sure that you constantly try to put word out there of what you can do.


Never give up on networking. Try as much as you can to interact with other like-minder persons in the industry so that you can learn from them.

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