A Manual For Newbies- How Much Do Freelance Writers Charge?

New freelance writers may not know exactly how to charge for their services. It is helpful for them to get an idea of what to charge their clients. You can charge your customers anything you want for your services however if you are way off base with your prices. You can charge more for certain types of articles. Here are some very rough ideas of what you should charge for various types of papers.

  1. Web articles or blogs: $ 10 to $ 50 per article
  2. News articles or research papers: $15 to $ 50 per page
  3. E-book: $ 20 to $30 per page
  4. Books or novels: $ 75 per page
  5. Copywriting papers: $ 25 per article

These prices are not set in stone. You can really charge whatever you want. Use these as a guide. You can start charging more for your papers once you have built a strong clientele and you have steady work. Any jobs that you do above and beyond your weekly assignments can get you some extra money so charge a little more.

If you are still stuck trying to figure out what you should charge, there is a way to solve it. You can decide what you need to get paid per hour for it to be worth it and divide that by the amount of papers you believe you can complete. Some people will suggest that you add some more for overhead expenses however, most freelance writers don’t have overhead expenses. That is why a client would choose to use a freelance writer over a professional writer. They are usually more affordable because they don’t have to worry about taking care of overhead expenses and other expenses.

The more and more you work with the clients; the more and more you will understand how to adjust your pricing. You need to make sure that you are consistent with your pricing. You can take jobs if you can get them for more money but I would try not decrease your rates unless it will land you a long term deal.

When you are first starting off as a freelance writer, you have to remember that you may not be able to charge the same amount as other writers who are more experienced. Just make sure that you still stay within the guidelines so that you can build up your portfolio.

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