In Search Of Good Freelance Music Writing Jobs Online

Are you a musician who enjoys writing music? Or, have you composed a piece and are hoping to sell your piece to an artist online? With the internet becoming more and more popular every day, freelance musicians are finding a great avenue to advertise, market and sell their music when they go online. Here are tips to search for good freelance music writing jobs online.

Develop a music writing portfolio

Musicians are just like any other profession when they are trying to find work. In order to find good jobs you must successfully market your skills and this begins by developing a portfolio of your work.

Website portfolios

In the old days, musicians used to make cassette tapes of their recordings and send them via snail mail to potential buyers. Nowadays, musicians develop and electronic recording that can be instantly sent via email or available for download. To develop a portfolio as a musician, you may need to create a website that will feature your music. This website can be included as a link in your music resume and those who are interested can go and down load your works.

Musical resume

Providing a link to your music is not enough to truly sell your skills and you will need to compile a resume of your experiences as well. This resume, like any other, should include your educational and training background and then highlight your relevant experiences in the music industry. For example, if you have performed at a large event you will want to list that experience and any reviews that you may have received to help sell your skills.

Market your skills to potential buyers

The next step to being successful in the industry as a music writer is to market you skills using the portfolio and resume you have developed above. You will want to look online to see if you can find an available job and then submit your resume or you can follow publishers and artists looking for writers online and then submit your work.

Throughout your job search you will want to stay current with the industry trends and constantly update your work. This will be important as trends change and you never know what a potential job may be looking for and you want to have something of interest. No matter what area or genre you choose, though, consider these tips to be successful.

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