Best Freelance Writing Websites: How To Detect One

Making a living as a freelance writer is not an impossible dream. Through websites, businesses and clients, writers can find the work that they need to earn a living. Some of the most consistent sources of income are through websites. While some sites are known as content mills, others offer real-world clients and payment protections.

  • Do They Side With the Author?
  • The first thing that writers should look for in a site is if the site supports its authors. Having an article tossed out because of quality is acceptable, but some sites will deny payment for any article that the client does not like. To find the best sites, authors should look for a website that works to support authors and prevent abuse.

  • Payment Processing
  • Every day, new sites pop up online that promise prompt payments and high earnings. In reality, few of these websites pan out. Before choosing a site, writers should look through some reviews. Other writers will detail their experience with payments. For the site to be worthwhile, payments should be made bi-weekly and on a timely basis. Before getting started, the author should also figure out exactly what the pay rate will be.

  • Quality of Projects
  • Keyword stuffing a 200-word article takes time and is extremely annoying to do. Few writers actually want to make a living writing spam articles for the web. Before picking a writing site, individuals should check out the variety and quality of the projects. Unless they want to get burned out, they need to find a site that offers a refreshing array of topics.

  • Exclusivity Is a Good Thing
  • Every person who has ever wanted a freelance career has searched through online classified ads. Instead of competing against everyone else, writers should find a site that has a limited number of authors. This lowers the level of competition and ensures that the writer will have work available.

  • Think Big and Market Directly
  • Many writing sites get their clients by marketing directly to a business. Instead of getting paid a fraction of what the site makes, the writer can go directly to the source. Using e-mails, in-person contact and marketing advertisements, they can offer their writing services directly to a business. This will generally allow them to make more money and offers a heightened level of stability. Having an in-person relationship with the client can also help the writer to clarify any project requirements or specific style guidelines that are required.

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