Working As A Freelance Writer From Home: Advice For Beginners

It is exciting once you have decided to try to make a career out of writing from your own home. The rewards can be great but they don’t come with a price of hard work, determination and sheer will. You must be prepared to get frustrated along the way but if you keep going, you will be rewarded in the end. Here is some advice for people who are new to freelance writing:

  • Find a site that helps pair clients with writers – There are many companies out there that help put writers in touch with people who need writing done. These companies organize the site and charge a percentage of the project as their fee. This is how they stay in business. They also act as a mediator if there are any problems between client and writer. They will also hold the money that the client puts up so the writer is assured of getting paid once the work is completed satisfactorily. The process begins with clients posting jobs on the site and then writers bid on them and the client chooses who they wish to do the work.
  • Be persistent! Don’t stop putting in bids for projects because you think you have a lot of work. Your goal is to try to build up a group of great clients that you can get consistent work for. You are trying to build a base so you always have a consistent income coming in.
  • Make sure you meet your deadlines. Once of the quickest ways to lose a client is to not meet your deadlines. Clients need the work completed when they state it for many reasons. Sometimes it can even mean penalties on their side if the work isn’t done.
  • The more jobs you complete, the better your rating becomes on the site and the more clients will look at you for more work. As your rating becomes higher, you may be able to charge more for the work to be completed because the clients know it will be done professionally and on time.
    • The most important thing you need to remember as you begin working as a freelance writer is to NOT GIVE UP. Establishing a good clientele takes time but it is well worth it. If you want more information on how to increase your online writing business, you can get online help here.

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