7 Tips For Starters: How To Get Paid Freelance Writing Jobs

Freelancing is one of the most successful job types in the last years. More and more professionals prefer to work on their own, to create their own program and to manage their funds however they please. In the first months, many are disappointed because they don’t get the income that they expected. What beginners have to understand is that forming a reputation in this niche takes some time, but after that everything goes smoothly. Check out these 7 tips for starters:

  1. Find your niche. You can write on many different topics, but it is really important to find what is suitable for you. For example, if you are passionate about politics, you might know more than this than many other writers. Political writers are very well paid, so think carefully about your choice.
  2. Make an account on a freelancing platform. This is how you will apply for jobs, build your reputation and give customers the chance to find you in easy way.
  3. Create an attractive profile. Your description has to be fun, entertaining, to reflect your writing style and to put you in a good light. You might want to stay away from anything that is inappropriate for a job interview, because this is much similar to it.
  4. Provide a picture. Studies show that you have twice more chances to get hired if you provide a friendly profile picture. You have to show yourself smiling, relaxed, but without any negative elements around like cigarettes or alcohol. Also, you might want to stay away from pictures with pets or partners. This will make you look unprofessional.
  5. Don’t go for easy money. As a beginner, when you see a simple project that is paid very well you are tempted to accept it right away. Most of the time, it’s too good to be true. Either the client is too picky, he will refuse to pay or he will ask much more than you are willing to give.
  6. Be ready for many hours of work. To reach to the level where you can work only a few hours per day, you have to spend a while building your reputation. Very often you will stay late at night writing, but everything will be worth it after a while.
  7. Be honest with your client. This is what will bring you future jobs. Don’t be shy to ask questions when you did not understand something, and speak up when you don’t agree with a specific idea.

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