What It Takes To Become A Top-Class Freelance Scientific Writer

Some freelancers have no particular speciality in their writing, while others stick to the areas in which they excel. Freelance scientific writers are in high demand, both for fiction and non-fiction. Science writing is a great way to use any background that you have in life sciences to achieve a new success level. If you shine at quality communication and enjoy the process of writing, any science credentials that you have will make you a much sought-after commodity in the research facilities, pharmaceutical companies, universities, hospitals, and the media. Science writing is a broad term used to define a number of individual domains.

The varieties of science writing and employment opportunities

The main categories for which writing jobs can be found include science marketing, technical science, medical writing, and journalism. Science journalists can be employed as science reporters or staff writers for consumer magazines, or as reporters, covering current advances and news. Position openings are usually found in specific newspapers, television or radio stations, and magazines. Because actual positions are hard to come by, many scientific writers work on a freelance basis as contributing writers for many different publications.

If you have been considering taking a chance writing in this highly specialized genre, here is what you need to know to become among the best:

The four basic rules for success

  • While there may be a few areas that you specialize in, don't be afraid to take the occasional lower paying beginner science gig. If you have the experience to write about it, in weeks where the jobs are a little bit leaner, consider lowering your expectations.
  • Know what your limitations are. The worst thing that you can do is accept a job for which you have only a fleeting amount of knowledge. Even though it may work out sometimes, when it backfires you will have to cancel the project and likely lose what could have been a lucrative long-term contract.
  • Be on the lookout for opportunities to expand your knowledge. Make sure that you keep up with new advances in the areas you are specializing in. The more that you know, the larger number of jobs that you will get.
  • Never turn in anything less than your best work. Science writing relies on extreme accuracy so check and double-check any facts that you include in your writings. Nothing spoils a writing partnership faster than consistently turning in work that is full of errors.

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