How To Create A Winning Freelance Technical Writing Resume: Basic Hints

Being a freelance writer has its own benefits and advantages. You have nothing to worry about showing up at the workplace on time, dressing in appropriate clothes to avoid bullying by your colleagues, performing exceedingly well to impress your boss and always look for an opportunity for a promotion. You do not have to sacrifice your vacations or your family time because you have a strict employer. You do not share the rewards earned by your efforts with anyone else and have all the liberty to work as per your preferences.

Freelance means that the individual is self-employed and works for himself and does not earn a fixed salary set by an employer or organization. These writers work on contracts from job to job and certain word count. You can choose to be a freelance writer if you have the skills and passion for being one. If you are applying for your job in technical writing and looking to build a good resume, then this article will certainly be of great help. You do not have to worry or rush with this important step of your career and take enough time and research to create a winning resume

  1. Look for a quality template on the internet and download the one that matches your requirements. Remember to look for resume samples of technical writers who are self-employed. You can consider looking at different samples before choosing one for yourself

  2. Fill in your required fields in the personal information in the sample. You can edit or change any fields that you think are not relevant or necessary. You may delete a certain field if you like. Usually all fields will be general information about you

  3. Add a professional picture on your resume. This counts a lot because employers do not want funny and selfie images in the resume. The want to see a professional that they we will be working with

  4. Mention your experience clearly in the relevant field

  5. Write a paragraph about why you are suitable for this job and why the employer should prefer you over the others

  6. Give your suggestions to address their problems

  7. Add references of your past work

  8. Include what your previous employers say about you

  9. Add a hook

  10. Include visible and easy-to –find contact details

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