A Piece Of Advice On How To Get Well-Paid Content Writing Jobs From Home

Content writing as a job may sound very easy from the surface, but it is not an easy catch. Though it is true that, in this era of internet and technology, there is an ample amount of well-paid content writing jobs available and among them a chunk of them are in fact writing jobs from home, but in reality, landing with such a job and completing it to the end as per client’s satisfaction level is yet a completely different story.

However, there're some ways in which one can be successful in securing several well-paid content writing jobs from home.

  • In this article, we will look into few such avenues and advice following which one can get started with content writing jobs from home that also pays off quite well.
  • Determine your rate: While quoting, your desired hourly rate may be too high and prove detrimental if you are just starting out, but quoting too low also does not do you any good. Initially, one may land up with few writing jobs if you quote your rate on the lower side, but eventually, it will lead you nowhere. So, the idea is to quote or ask for an amount that will both be feasible for you and client. For example, quoting something around $50 -$100 per hour might do the trick.
  • Build your portfolio: Content writing requires a commendable knowledge of the English language. So, if you are new in the block, it is usually advised to work on small projects (maybe with low pay) initially to build your confidence and portfolio. This will also help one to sharpen his/her writing skills.
  • Besides, starting out small initially have its benefits:

    • a. Increases portfolio.
    • b. Increases network.
    • c. Sharpens and hones one’s writing skills and command of the language.
    • d. Besides, in the long term, after you have worked with a client and have proved one’s mettle, he/she can always go for a price hike. And, if things do not work out, then there’s already numerous avenues become available by that time.
  • Look for jobs and find assistance on this established website and platforms known for providing online work from home based freelance content writing jobs. If you can identify the correct job type and platform for yourself, there’s no dearth of online well-paid content writing jobs. Also, while applying for jobs on these sites, be innovative and creative with your pitch and do not forget to support your proposal with your best writing samples.

Lastly, as a word of caution, always be aware and alert from fraudulent offers. Always remember, if an offer is too good to be true, then it is too good to be true.

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