Who Can Help Me Find Online Jobs For Freelance Writers

As a new freelancer, it can be pretty difficult to find your first jobs. The market is huge and continues to expand, so everybody seems to know what to do except you. Once you created your profile and wrote a few samples that you can use, you have some options that you can try. Keep in mind that even when you find a job, it will take some time until you create a reputation, and you can get clients constantly without worrying about your income. A look in these places will definitely help you:

  • Specialized websites. There are several sites that are specially designed to facilitate the contact between the customer and the freelancer. These websites receive a small percent of your payment, but you have easy access to many available jobs. They require an account, a profile and a few sample articles to introduce in your portfolio. There are jobs on any niche and certainly you can find something to suit your skills.

  • On forums. Many freelancers are active on forums where writers discuss different aspects of the work. This is very helpful if you want to increase your knowledge and develop your skills. Usually, each forum has a particular category where clients post their job offers. The competition is high, but if you are talented and persistent you will get a project in a matter of days.

  • Online magazines and newspapers. If you are confident in the quality of your articles, you can send some samples together with a C.V in the contact section. They are always searching for new, innovative writers, and you can be sure that the payment is consistent and constant. It is harder to get hired for newspapers but once you do, you can be sure that you will have a good income every month and a great reputation among freelancers.

  • Job announcements. All over the internet you can find pages where people are posting jobs. Some of them are suitable for you and you might get a chance if you contact the client in a professional manner. When you send your C.V, accompany it with some nice words where you show them how happy you would be to work for their company. Also, a brief description of your services is appreciated by some. If you have some previous references from older clients, introduce them in your resume.

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