How To Find A Good Freelance Writing Company In 5 Steps

Freelance companies may have some similarities but they are also different enough for any potential user to benefit from carefully searching before committing to one over another. Generally these companies will provide access to other services as well but with the fewest barriers to entry, the writing section tends to feature the most freelancers. Here are five steps to starting your search:

  • Make a list of your priorities
  • If you are a writer looking for freelance opportunities you will have different needs to someone who is seeking freelance writers to work on their one project. In the former case the most favorable site is one with many high paying jobs and few freelancers to compete for them. In the later case the reverse would be true. Make sure your needs are well outlined so that later on in your search you can note where they are missing.

  • Plug key words into a search engine
  • Based on your priorities you can begin your search in earnest. Use inverted commas to ensure that the words you select show up in the search in the order that you placed them. Based on you results you can narrow down the potential companies you are interested in working for.

  • Look for reviews
  • Some companies will have terrible complaints from the perspective of the freelancer and the client. Whichever perspective you happen to have, make sure that the company seems to work fairly with people on your side of the equation. Be mindful that some people just like to complain and may have unfair reasons for besmirching a company’s name. You shouldn’t dismiss a company outright due to an anomaly.

  • Check out the features on each potential site
  • You should be down to only a few sites by this time. You can begin to factor in some of the feature available like payment options and general usability. These can make the difference between a tolerable work experience and one you genuinely enjoy.

  • Sign up to work with the one that suits your purposes
  • Having finished the above steps your last step is just to sign up. If you are fortunate you will be able to sign up to more than one site that meet your criteria and benefit from a wider pool of potential clients or freelancers as a result.

The steps above can be used for other job sites as well that deal with part time and full time contract employment.

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