How To Get Good Freelance Writing Jobs: Effective Instructions

Looking for the best way to find well-paying freelance writing jobs online? Compared to what you may think, good writing jobs are plentiful. It’s a wide open market and constantly expanding. This is good news for great writers like you. But where do you find these jobs? How do you start looking for them? For answers to your questions, keep reading.

Here are your instructions:

  • Stay away from content farms. These are websites that provide content to customers at irrationally low prices, meaning their writers also get paid unreasonably low prices. That isn’t the type of future you want, so it’s best to steer clear of these sites. While it’s true they always have job openings, you are worth far more than they’re willing to pay.

  • Browse the internet for freelance writing jobs. You can go onto forums and onto online ad sites and see what’s posted. The advantage to this method is you can often find a steady writing job using this method.

  • Look at blogs that publish daily or several times a week in the same genre of writing you’re interested in. it takes a lot of work and time for them to keep up with regular blog posts so they often don’t write them themselves. This means they are likely outsourcing (or want to outsource) the blog writing. Contact them and let them know you are interested in doing some ghost writing.

  • Magazines and how-to sites regularly publish a lot of content and are usually looking for guest bloggers. Find a tutorial for how to create a great query letter and then contact the web owners with your query.

  • Network with other good writers. Hang out on the same forums and social sites they do. Adopt the same successful habits they do. Search out experienced writers and model their business. What do they do? Where do they look for good writing jobs?

  • Contact writing agencies that are trustworthy and charge reasonable prices for their written work. Apply for a writing job.

  • Consider making your own website and advertise your writing abilities. This method may take longer and be more difficult, but it works well for some writers.

  • Look for paid to blog job listings. They are kept updated daily and the opportunities are almost endless. Be picky and choosy about the jobs you take. It may be tempting when first starting out to work for a low wage but it sets a negative precedent that you’re writing is worth less than it really is.

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