In Search Of Decent Freelance Academic Writing Jobs For Students

There is a large market from students in all levels who need help with their academic work. This work can be research, modeling, editing, writing, proofing, outlining, citing, or any number of academic chores. You have to decide how much help you are personally willing to give to students, and what you consider to be cheating or plagiarizing. Once you decide what you will or will not do, you then need to begin to look for jobs. You should consider looking at:

  • Colleges –post ads in the college publications, put ads on campus bulletin boards, and then consider advertising at the writing lab. You should get some responses if you advertise at these three places. Once you get a few jobs, then the word-of-mouth jobs may begin to trickle in for you.
  • Guidance departments-if you go to guidance departments at high schools and colleges and send emails to guidance departments at high schools and colleges, you will probably get good responses.
  • Building a website-one of the easiest ways to get traffic is to create a strong SEO driven website. If a child is searching for academic writing help, and your content puts you high on the search results, you may end up with more traffic than you know what to do with.
  • Starting a blog-writing blogs will also help you to pick up a few clients. Your blog can show your passion for writing, what skills you have, and then it can promote the work you have done. Consider starting a writing blog.
  • Working with a freelance company-this is the way in which I get all of my work because I do not have the time to look for work and to write. A third party company will post my profile, have my samples, and show the clients the customer ratings for me. It also has an escrow system that will not require me to ever chase my money. I made sure that on my profile I showed my strengths and qualifications for academic writing work. There are quite a few good companies out there. Read the reviews and then select the one that best fits with you. You will be expected to pay a very small fee to belong to the company.

If you are interested in freelance academic writing, then you can use our tip guide to get the work that you need.

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