5 Quick Hints That Will Help You Improve Your Freelance Writing Skills

Freelance writing, at first glance, tends to appear as if anybody can take it. However, white does not exactly demand the class and caliber of a Salman Rushdie; it does make a call for decent and lucid writing style.

Here are 5 hints that may help you develop freelance writing skills –

  1. Learn to read – Increase your reading speed. Go through quality journals, books, paper editorials; blogs. Absorb the art of explain scenes, situations, characters and absorb ways to do them. You will also extract the nuances of placing the beauty of language in all its expanses; whether in precise form or creative one. You should be well-versed with writing all forms; be it a provocative magazine article or a professional business schedule.
  2. Improve your vocabulary – reading helps in this aspect as well. Keep a diary wherein you write all the impressive words you come across and learn proper usage of them. This is a process. You will get versed with these words within 6 months and naturally incorporate them within your writing. A rich vocabulary makes sure you don’t get repetitive with words.
  3. Manage articles and time – Pick topics and try writing 500-worders on them within, say, an hour. With time, your speed will double and you will manage similar articles within 30 minutes. Time management is an essential attribute of freelance writing. You will often face a situation where you are meant to write quick articles. You have to however make sure that in the quickness to write, you should not entertain in fluff or flippant articles.
  4. Write enquiring articles – Grow out of your comfort zone and tackle certain complex articles in your choice of genre. See whether you can place different perspectives to explain a point. Check whether you are able to provide solutions to a long-standing problem. This helps you gain authority over the subject so much so that you can tackle any relevant article with suggestive ease.
  5. Learn to research – Be in touch with efficient freelancers and learn how they do their research. Take time to go through PDF files that define certain essential traits in detail. You will come out wise off it. Keep going through a number of articles in your genre, and pick the positives from each. You will learn the art of precision and method; essential attributes in freelance writing.

Overall, do your work with honesty and diligence. Instill discipline in you and rest assured; these three traits will take you far.

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