A Brief Tutorial For Newbies In Freelance Writing

Do you ever dream of writing for prestigious national magazines? Do you ever dream of heading over to the nearest newsstand one random day and picking up a magazine only to find your by-line? Well, the good thing about this is that it is indeed achievable. For those really interested in competitive freelance writing, here is a brief tutorial on how to do the same.

Studying the publication you target for thesis and freelance:

This is where it all begins for everyone at some point of time. This is the part where you dig into all the publications that are available and do some research on them. You would obviously have to make a target for yourself regarding which one you would like to appear in. When you do, you can pay particular attention to issues like who the editor is, the type of headlines they use, the topics they have covered recently, their sources and things like that.

Finding interesting ideas:

After all, this is what catches people's attention towards the magazine and makes them curious to read it. And if you have done research on what the publication has written on recently, then you will have a really strong idea about what to write on. This is always a great start for any freelance writer. So, keep an eye on newspapers, social media, other magazines, etc. for hot topics.

Starting out small:

You probably don't need to be told this, but every regular freelance writer was once novice like you. So, you may have to settle for a smaller and less competitive magazine at first. And there is no harm in doing that since it gives you a lot of practice and experience in this field. Even when you get a chance in a highly competitive magazine, you will probably be assigned a smaller project first. Accept it and make sure that you put full effort into it.

Maintaining your deadline:

When it comes to the thesis and freelance, one of the biggest things that you need to take care of is maintaining your deadline. This is a big deal when it comes to the world of publishers and magazines since they themselves have a deadline to follow. The result is that you need to do so too. And if you can, always turn in your assignments a few days before. This might open up opportunities for a few more projects as well.

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