What It Takes To Become A Successful Freelance Writer: Free Instructions

Becoming a freelancer is a fairly simple process. You can sign up to a company based online for free and start offering your services in less than 5 minutes. Many people have done this and some of them can even claim to have made enough money to travel, live, eat and be merry on.

Becoming a successful writer requires a much closer attention to detail all of which can be gained over time and through observation of the habits of the best freelancers. If you want to gain some of their skills, try reading their work and analyzing it carefully. Another way to achieve the same objective is to acquire the skills laid out below.

Good writing skills

Far too many freelance writers dive into the industry without bothering to learn the basic rules of the English language. This lack of preparation shows in the work they produce and they have difficulty attracting higher paying clients as a result.

Time Management

Whereas in conventional jobs you can expect to be reprimanded if you waste time at various stages in a project, freelancing gives you more freedom. This sometimes leads to becoming tardy with project deadlines which can result in a bad reputation being formed.


Freelancing can lead you to the poor house if you do not manage your money well. Unless you have a regular client you may enter a pattern of feast and famine which can make it difficult to meet some of your fixed payments


There are so many freelancers out there that it helps to get your name out there prominently. You will need to look for methods of attracting clients aside from just putting your portfolio out there. In the beginning, you will be so unknown that few clients will give you a try unless you give them a reason to.


Sometimes it takes several years before the processes outlined above really begin to show results. Without patience it can be easy to stop trying and go into another career right when this one is about to truly take off. Sometimes it helps to keep reminding yourself that things can get better if you keep at it.

Many of these traits may not naturally be a part of your personality. Very few people are born perfect for the job. You may just need to focus on gaining what you lack.

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