How To Recognize Trusted Sites Providing Freelance Article Writing Jobs Online

Those in the writing vocation who want a pretty penny for their hard work get into freelance article writing. There is always the fodder for those who know their craft and are verily disciplined. The trouble is; often they get in contact with wrong people, wrong agencies and wrong sites which leave a horrid aftertaste.

Scrupulous checking

In order to get close to trusted freelance writing sites, you need to be scrupulous. There are a few hoax sites which offer too many works and offer good money for work. They state that they will pay after a fortnight. They get considerable amount of work done and then they either vanish or refuse to pay on different grounds; the work is not satisfactory, the client is not paying and so on). The same happens with certain individual work providers.

Method of trust

The trick is to go through glossaries, check the writers associated with them and hold talks with then through mails. You will get an idea on the genuineness of them. Trusted sites will take a suitable test of your aptitude and talent and get you in direct communication with the client. The freelance agency will charge a percentage for every work you do for your client.

Demands made beforehand

What these agencies do is extract security money from the clients so that they cannot vanish after getting the work done. They also exhort the clients to do the payments on time, once they have approved the work. The clients need to place the deadline and nature of job beforehand. They cannot (barring exceptions) demand a change in the middle of the assignment to frustrate the freelance writer.

Variety of work

They also have a number of clients with different work profiles at hand. Thus, they are always replenished with different job types to cover the capacities of various freelance writers. The pay packet changes according to the seniority or quality of the writer. The rookies start at a base rate while the experienced writers may charge good money. The client himself suggests where he wishes for an experienced writer or a newbie.

Verified payment status

The trusted freelance agencies show the payment status of these clients. There are clients with verified payment status who have coughed up enough money until now. There are also clients who have just started and do not hold a verified payment status. You, as a freelance writer, should preferably go for the former to ensure that the money hits your account systematically.

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