Looking For Copywriting Jobs: Freelance Writing Advice

If you’re thinking of becoming a freelance copywriter then you may be wondering what to expect with such a career. Ultimately, your career can be pretty much what you make of it. If you’re dedicated and motivated then you can become quite successful and enjoy the freelance lifestyle. However, if you lack the skills, or you are unwilling to put in the hard work required, then your chances of succeeding as a freelance copywriter will be greatly diminished.

Gather together any samples to create a portfolio

An excellent piece of advice for any budding writer is to look through any work that you have written in the past to find whether you can create a portfolio of good and relevant samples. Ideally, you will want to find samples relating to any niche that you wish to specialise in or, alternatively, if you are not thinking of specialising in any niche, then you will want a wide range of different essays and articles.

A portfolio is a hugely useful tool when it comes to applying for writing jobs. It gives you the opportunity to demonstrate your expertise for the job, so that any potential clients simply don’t have to take your word for it when you say that you will be able to do the job to a high standard. Instead, they can see the quality of your work and can make a decision based on any samples you provide them.

Work on building an online presence

These days, freelance writers should really have a website or blog if they want to become successful. Not only does this give you the opportunity to showcase your talents, but it demonstrates that you are professional about your work. Furthermore, it is a quick and easy way of showing clients any samples of your work. One thing to remember though is that you should keep any blogs or websites regularly updated with fresh and interesting content.

How to make clients want to hire you

If you find a writing job that you would like to do then you will most likely need to write a job proposal. As part of your job proposal, you may wish to outline any relevant experience you have; however, this should only be a minor part at the end of the proposal. The rest of the proposal should be dedicated to addressing the requirements of the job in hand and explaining how you will help the client. Ultimately, clients want to see that you can do the job for them and is less bothered about what you’ve done in the past for someone else.

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