A Guide For Aspiring Writers: Legitimate Freelance Writing Opportunities

Since there is plenty of fraud in the world of freelance writing, finding legitimate writing opportunities is a challenging task. Newbies often have difficulties while considering different job offers, so they need a simple guide for aspiring writers. The following suggestions will help you choose a legitimate job and get a fair compensation for your work:

  • Avoid applying for blind advertisements.
  • Experienced writers agree that it’s a bad idea to answer blind job advertisements. In truth, it’s obvious that a company with a solid name and good reputation won’t hide its full contact information. However, even if you want to apply for such a position, you should pay special attention to how a company’s representative returns your emails, what payment conditions they provide, and so on.

  • Check any information attached to a writing opportunity.
  • Usually, you can easily find some feedbacks left by former employees, clients, and other businesses. It makes sense to use social media in order to learn more about a potential employer. Don’t forget to visit a website of a chosen company. If you can find nothing at all, you should get suspicions and possibly avoid applying for the position.

  • Talk to other freelance writers.
  • The recommendations of other professionals are very helpful. Since freelance writers actively share their own experiences, you should take your time and ask what they know about the client, job requirements, and an amount of compensation. You can scour online writer resources, such as forums and message boards. You might also join a professional community where writers exchange their ideas, tips, and suggestions.

  • Trust yourself.
  • If your instincts tell you that you’re never going to get paid for the work, don’t apply for a job position. Though it sounds unreasonable, experienced freelancers often follow this suggestion. Don’t be afraid to turn down the open positions, as there’re plenty of other legitimate writing and proofreading jobs on the Web. You’ll save time and effort by avoiding an unpleasant situation of not getting paid entirely.

  • Look for a list of trustful employers.
  • Freelance writers often share lists of trustful employers, so don’t hesitate to apply for job options provided by them. However, you should also search for lists that include non-legitimate companies. Usually, professionals explain in detail what happened and how to avoid such situations. If you can, you should subscribe to such a list to get the updates frequently. Remember that you, as well, can add a fraud company to the list.

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