Where To Write Articles And Be Paid; Advice For Freelancers

If you are searching for article writing jobs, you do not need to worry as you can start earning money online. With freelance article writing, you get an opportunity to work from home and to make an extra income. You can choose to write articles for your own or for others. If you are thinking of writing online and you have no idea where to start, you do not have to worry as this article is for you.

Article writing websites

You will find a huge number of websites that have article writing opportunities. You can simply Google and you will be given a long list of such websites. One thing you must be aware is that article writing gigs are not an opportunity to get rich quickly. You must be willing to start at a modest pay. However, this does not mean working on the content farms. You need to find somewhere you will be valued.

First impression matters

Once you have found a platform to write, it is absolutely necessary for you to create a good first impression for the prospective client. Remember that the client will be getting multiple applications and you should try the best to stand out from the crowd. It is also very important for you to ensure that you follow the client’s instructions. If they suggest that they require specific information, be sure to provide them with that. Nothing shows the lack of professionalism than the inability to follow instructions in a job listing. Most clients also use this criterion to weed out potential candidates.

How you write your email will also vary depending on the type of client that you are targeting and the portfolio that you have to provide. There are certain features that you should include in your portfolio. These include:

  • Brevity. You should ensure that your portfolio is to the point, well formatted and has all the necessary information.
  • Avoid fluffs as this amount to wasting time for the client.
  • Work samples. This is very important. If you do not have anything to show them you should consider writing a few pieces.
  • Background of your relevant experience. This will indicate that you have actually considered the listing and are not submitting proposals randomly.

You will also need to include a few details about yourself, your situation and what you got to offer them. With these tips, it will be possible for you to land your first writing gig.

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