How To Become A Freelance Writer: Step-By-Step Instructions

To become a freelance writer one has to understand what it is. Such a work doesn’t imply sitting in an office from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. as well as it doesn’t imply regular earnings for your work. When choosing to be on your own, do not forget that now that is your responsibility to develop the business. There are some steps to follow starting a freelance career.

Step 1: Make Sure You Are Ready

Before starting any activity, you should be certain that this is what you want and can. If having any doubts, try to make everything clear; unless you know what your aim is, you will not succeed.

Step 2: Learn How to Write

mistakenly think that there can be both no development of their skills and good results. If you want to be a connoisseur, master your writing. There are many rules and pieces of advice on that point, but the main is to keep it simple.

Step 3: Choose What You Will Write

There are hundreds of different genres, hence it’s almost impossible for a single freelance writer to be good at all of them. Consider your abilities and choose 3-5 writing styles; become a real specialist in them. Remember: the more specific you are, the better your work is. The better your work is, the more clients you have.

Step 4: Work on Your Experience

Many people complain about the catch-22: no experience – no clients, no clients – no experience. Actually, that’s not a real excuse. There are ways to increase the number of the works done. You can create your own blog, post there a few articles, and then show it as your sample to potential clients. Or you can work gratis for some organizations, and then ask them to give you a testimonial as an endorsement of your progress. Therefore, there are ways to enlarge your portfolio.

Step 5: Make Your Business Real

Start with creating a website. It should be clean and clear to use. The website will be the way for your clients to see what you can do and to contact you if necessary. Then determine your rates, turnaround time and conditions.. Do not forget that the more you write, the more you earn.

Following these steps you’ll improve your skills and develop your career as a freelance writer.

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