Where To Look For Well-Paid Freelance Editing Jobs: A Guide For Starters

Making you career as a writer online is not a job easier said than done. For starters you have to put yourself out there in the market which is no longer your college’s magazine and literary society. You’ll be competing against global writers from all parts of the worlds with skills as valuable as yours. You’ll literally have to fight to get your share of the pie.

Most of the people make the mistake of “aiming too high” at the start of their freelance careers which is why most of them quit after their first few jobs because they believe “they’re not being paid well”. Here’s a tip for all such people “slow and steady wins the race”.

A Guide for starters:

  1. Build your portfolio
  2. Now it may sound ridiculous to you because in order to build a portfolio you need some past experience. Your initial portfolio to get your first job needs no past job experience (it’s preferable but not a compulsion). Write a couple of one pager articles on some of your favorite topics just to create writing samples for your potential employers.

  3. Look for your employer
  4. The internet is full of freelance jobs not only for writers but for numerous other professions. Big agencies are now outsourcing their jobs to people across the globe because of the variations in talents, labor wages and other business costs. So your employer doesn’t necessarily have to be in direct contact with you. Search for some of the top freelance websites in your region and let the bidding games begin (bidding is the most common way of getting a job). Your first job could also be through some colleague or friend. There are no rules.

  5. Caution!
  6. Beware of internet scams and frauds. Look for website ratings if you’re directly looking for a job without some middleman.

  7. How to negotiate pay rates?
  8. At the start of your career it’s advisable not to negotiate or frown at your wage. Whatever you’re being paid has to be enough in the start because you’re new and inexperienced.

  9. When to jump to next employer?
  10. In the beginning of your career don’t stick with one employer for too long. Diversify your portfolio by working several jobs. This will enhance your learning and experience and explore your talents as well.

  11. How to win over your employer?
  12. Always submit your work in time. Always submit quality work and never copy stuff from the internet because that is considered a fatal crime in the world of freelancing. Your originality and creativity will be valued here so stay true.

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