How To Find A Freelance Writing Job That Fits Your Skill Set

A novelist would never write a training manual; likewise, a journalist rarely ventures into poetry. Each writer has a specific genre or niche that they work best within. To get a job as a freelance writer, individuals should look for jobs that are designed to suit their skill set. In addition to making the writing process easier, it will also make it simpler to find clients.

  • Start With the Skill Test
  • Many writers use bidding sites to find potential clients. Through these sites, the writer develops a portfolio, resume and work history. At many bidding sites, the writer can also take skill tests that show their strengths and weaknesses. These skill tests can be searched for by a client who wants business, academic or creative writer.

    In addition to enhancing a job search, skill tests can also help the writer to discover what they are good at. A test is a great way for writers to get instant, unbiased feedback about the things that they are good at. If they score highly on a specific test, they should consider working within that field.

  • Be Relevant
  • When a client looks for a writer, they always want to see examples from their past projects. For a writer to get a client in a specific skill area, they must create a portfolio that showcases those skills. If the writer does not have a skill-specific portfolio yet, they should try creating some pieces on their own.

  • Create a Targeted Client List
  • Writers do not have to wait for a client to find them. Instead, they can be proactive and reach out directly to the client. Once the writer knows the area that they want to write in, they can create a list of major and minor companies that require that type of writing. The writer can send out query letters and job proposals to the members of their list. Although this takes more time than just using a bidding site, it can lead to better paying clients.

  • Expanding Horizons
  • Although a writer may want to ghostwrite novels and poetry, there are only a certain number of projects in this field. Instead of focusing just on one type of project, writers should consider trying out new fields. Until they test the waters in a new industry, they will never know if they like it. Before jumping in, the writer should try out a small project with a client. By doing a small project, they will be able to see if they like the new subject area without investing a significant portion of their time.

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