5 Points To Keep In Mind Looking For Good Freelance Writing Opportunities

Opportunity comes once and when it does, the best thing to do is grab it. But how many people out there have missed the opportunity of a lifetime that could have turned their lives around? How many times have you been informed of some great chance for earning a living writing for top blog spots but the best you ever did was to give such information a wide berth? Also, how many people are well endowed with writing skills but are actually idling around claiming to be jobless when there is a good chance out there to help change their lives forever? Many people have since identified freelance work as an opportunity to convert dreams into reality and for someone who is gifted with writing skills; you can actually make a good amount of money on daily, weekly or monthly basis depending on terms you will have negotiated with your client.

Well, as you plan on starting a freelance writing career, it is important to play safe and this include knowing places where real clients and real jobs exist. Also, as a newbie, running the risk of doing some writing work for a client who will never pay you for is a likely possibility. However, you are a lucky lot, thanks to those who started earlier and got scammed, as result have shared their experiences and even went ahead to advice newbie like you on how to play safe. In this article, we take you through some very important aspects to keep in mind before you can start your online writing career, so read on for details.

Be aware of scam clients

Well, personally I landed a scam client with my first freelance writing job. This happens to everyone, so before you can make up your mind on that first successful gig, try to check on the background of your first client using scam advisor sites to find out if you are in for a good deal or a rip off.

Your first job may not pay well

Sometimes when all you need is an urgent means of survival, say a temporary work from home writing opportunity, you have got to appreciate the need for starting small. On this premise, be ready to accept any pay offer from a client with whom you are likely to work for longer. You can negotiate a pay raise as time progresses.

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