What Methods Should I Use To Get Online Creative Writing Jobs?

It is possible to earn good money just by doing online creative writing. However, in order to become a successful online creative writer, there are some strategic things that you need to do. For instance, you need to know how to market yourself well so as to get those freelance writing jobs. Read on to learn about methods that you could use so as to get online creative writing jobs.

Building your brand as a writer

First of all, you need to establish your brand. Writers differ from one another. Each writer has his/her own unique voice. The key to being successful is to uncover your strengths. The best way to go about this is to always get the opinion of your friends whenever you write a piece. This is one way that will help you uncover your talents. After identifying your voice, you can go public. One way that you can use is through a blog. Having your own blog enables you to post articles you have written. To do this effectively, categorize them according to topics that interest you. Build your brand around your strengths. This is one way that will prepare you well when you apply for freelance writing jobs.

Constantly write new content

You need to keep your capabilities of writing fresh. To do this well, you need to constantly write new content. It doesn’t matter whether you are writing to get paid or not. Just keep writing. More practice results in good writing. Constant writing also keeps your writing current. This will prepare you for online writing jobs which often expect you to present content quickly and in a professional manner.

Creating a portfolio of your writing work

The probability of you getting hired is higher if you already have some writing experience and if you have some samples to prove it than a person who doesn’t have any experience or any sample. That is why it is important that you build a portfolio of your work. To do this effectively, compile your best work in PDF. This can then be shared with potential clients or on some freelancing websites. You can organize your portfolio by publication or by category. This ensures that your style and abilities are organized in a way that highlights your best work. The goal is to ensure that you land online creative writing jobs and also demonstrate that you can deliver for clients. A portfolio is a perfect toll for demonstrating your capabilities.

Using freelance platforms to find work

It is important that you create a profile in online freelance writing jobs platforms such as Elance, iwriter, odesk, among many more. Some of these platforms are very diverse and suitable for different types of writers. Remember to link your profile to previous work. Also give descriptions of your past work experience. Just ensure that your profile is solid. This will increase chances of you getting hired.

Other tips for online writing jobs

  • a) Use social media to get writing work
  • b) Use an online video course to get your writing work (Udemy)
  • c) Only respond to ads you are perfect for
  • d) Always keep in mind that this is a writing audition
  • e) Explain your uniqueness
  • f) Avoid mass platforms.

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