Teenage Freelance Writing Jobs: 5 Tips For Beginners

  1. Review your writing skills. Are you good at summarising articles, descriptive work, content work, essay writing or any other type of writing? There are so many different types of writing that demand different types of skills. Sometimes you may not know if you are good at particular types of writing until you actually try it.
  2. Find two or three pieces of work that you are really proud of that help illustrate your skills as a writer and are willing to share with writing agency. Use these as part of your portfolio that you can build on as you gain experience. Make sure that the work is fairly recent and error free. Ideally get someone else to do proofread before you share your work with a prospective client.
  3. Time to do a job. Some work is paid on completion of the piece of work and other work is paid with an hourly rate. Make sure that you have not underestimated how long the job is going to take you, otherwise you will be doing the work in your own time and continually playing catch up. Be realistic. Do not say that writing a one page description will take you 3 hours as there will be other freelancers that will complete in less time.
  4. Look at the Competition. Look at what other teenage freelancers are offering. What can you offer that is different. Offer your client a draft document so they know you have understood their requirements. This will save you time on the long run as any changes to the content can be agreed at this stage so you can just get on with the job. Watch out for clients who say that if you reduce your fee they will give you more work, in reality this rarely happens.
  5. Make sure you know exactly what the client wants. If the remit is unclear then you are going to have difficulty as they will probably change their mind as the work continues. Be firm and ask for clarification about anything you don't understand or find confusing. What out for client that flit from one idea to the next. They may give you one job, and once you have started change the focus or ask you to work on another piece. Be very wary as they will probably not pay you for the two pieces of work. If you are asked to deal with a topic you are not comfortable with, say so and withdraw your offer of working for them.

Good Luck

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